Content Migration Specialist at DMH Stallard LLP

In my role as a Content Migration Specialist at DMH Stallard LLP, I'm responsible for the efficient transfer of content from Kentico to WordPress. This role requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy, consistency with our brand, and an enhanced user experience. My responsibilities include collaborating with cross-functional teams to extract, review, and prepare content. I utilize advanced migration tools to maintain the integrity of the data. My role also encompasses contributing to user testing, providing training, and creating documentation. I'm committed to staying abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies in content migration to continually improve our processes and outcomes.

Rentokil Initial

At Rentokil Initial, I oversaw multilingual website development, migrating to Magnolia CMS, and consolidating domains. I led content creation for sites across countries like Korea and Brazil, and onboarded new team members. Using tools like Google Suite and Jira, I managed projects and enhanced digital efficiency.


I operate a YouTube channel with nearly three million views and 9,000+ subscribers. Covering a range of topics, from tutorials to animations, I incorporate multimedia elements, including ChatGPT AI, to engage viewers. I also extend my content to platforms like Facebook and TikTok, aiming to grow my audience further.

Monitor Limited

At Monitor Limited, I delved into IT services research and formulated marketing strategies. My role included developing a WordPress website, creating marketing materials, and managing social media. I also devised paid advertising strategies and produced appealing design content.

Arrow Precision

With Arrow Precision, I designed for three in-house brands and managed both paid and organic marketing. Overseeing an 18K Google Ads budget, I achieved a 40% CPC reduction. Utilizing Illustrator, Premiere, and Photoshop, I created engaging content and optimized websites and SEO.

Microsoft UK

My tenure at Microsoft UK had me creating social plans for events like #TechDaysOnline and engaging with attendees online. I prioritized content focusing on accessibility and promoted products like AI and Quantum. Additionally, I contributed to report generation and completed various training courses offered by Microsoft and MRM.

David william Beck at 31, at Microsoft Microsoft UK MSDev Tweet Example

iSat Ltd

For six years at iSat Ltd, I initially worked in marketing, transitioning to programming in the latter stages. I played a key role in iSat’s Satellite Tracking feed system, backed by the European Space Agency. My work ranged from expanding marketing channels to Python programming, where I developed innovative satellite tracking solutions.

iSat Banner Rainbow Inspired Python GPS Tracking Program iSat's Miniature X-Band VSAT UK iSat Satellite Feed Tracker Graph

The Algorithm

I had the privilege of designing for author T.M. Jarman, creating artwork for his book "The Algorithm". My role encompassed illustrating and designing an engaging website that mirrored the essence of his thought-provoking writings.

Book Cover for Tim Jarman WordPress Website for Tim Jarman

Previous Work

Worked on multiple freelance projects, including web and game development, social media, and marketing. Past engagements include roles at vWorker, Blue Arrow, Powerstax, and as a self-employed professional.

A Burrow Full Of Rabbits

Contributed as a writer and artist for 'A Burrow Full Of Rabbits, Creative Bedtime Stories', a Haiku-based digital book available on Amazon. It narrates the adventures of two rabbits pondering life as a cat.

Spawn; A ‘Ribbiting’ Adventure

Designed and developed 'Spawn; A ‘Ribbiting’ Adventure' at London South Bank University in 2010. Led a team to create a Flash-based platform game featuring a brave frog named Spawn embarking on a quest to save his family.

ImagiNation: Our Nation

Collaborated on the ImagiNation ARG Project in 2010 for Kinetika, developing ten Flash games and apps. The project, sponsored by London 2012, also involved capturing the beauty of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Imagination Our Nation Hackney Carnival Logo

3D Design at LSBU

Worked on 3D modelling, producing low-poly assets in Autodesk 3ds Max, then integrating into Unreal engine. Also engaged in level design, music creation, and short film production during 2007-2010 at London South Bank University.

London South Bank University

Bogus Bunny

Developed and programmed 'Bogus Bunny', a game that achieved finalist status in the E4 Golden Joystick Awards in 2009. The game's acclaim led to its nomination for the Grand Master Flash Golden Joystick award.

E4 Competition Bogus Bunny Award Finalist Golden Joystick Awards Banned
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