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I have extensive experience in web development, digital marketing, and content management. At DMH Stallard LLP, I successfully migrated their website to WordPress, ensuring content accuracy and improved user experience. At Rentokil Initial, I crafted multilingual website content and managed projects using Agile methodology. At Microsoft UK, I managed social media campaigns, achieving the highest engagement rate in Q4 2018 through selecting and curating content for various social media platforms such as @TechNetUK and @msdevUK . Additionally, my roles at Monitor Ltd, Arrow Precision, and iSat Ltd further honed my skills in SEO, social media, graphic design, and Python development.

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Catz Bark & Brush.

I co-founded 'Catz Bark & Brush', a family business, where I played a crucial role in setting up the company. I developed the website and led event and social media advertising, creating engaging videos and shorts to attract customers. Beyond digital marketing, I handled administrative tasks, assisted in constructing the salon and a new conservatory, and even helped with dog grooming. This diverse experience has prepared me for new challenges.

I am now seeking a new role to further expand my career.

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Kaizen: Pushing the boundaries.

Since childhood, sparked by Disney's Short Circuit, I've been captivated by AI and machine learning. I've explored art using tools like Bing image generator, Dall-E 2, and Fooocus, and delved into text with ChatGPT, Claude, and LLama3. Additionally, I've ventured into music and sound creation with Elevenlabs and Udio, as well as many other tools. Alongside these explorations, I've developed games and simulations and released 20 singles on iTunes and Spotify. On YouTube, I've shared tech news, tutorials, gaming, and animation content, amassing over 3.5 million views. I'm now eager to apply these diverse skills in a new role. Read The AI Revolution: A Creator’s Perspective on Linkedn.

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BA Honours Game Cultures (2:1) Graduated 2010.

My degree at London South Bank University covered critical and practical video game 2D and 3D design & development, marketing & advertising, media studies, and cultural studies. I used a wide range of software such as the Adobe Suite, 3DSMAX, and Maya, Unreal Development kit using both PCs and Macs. I worked closely with other students in multi-disciplinary environments on projects. Dissertation: ‘To what extent can the Unwritten Rules of Social & Massively Multiplayer Online Games configure the gamer?’ (2010).

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Personal Interests and Activities.

I love to travel and have three dogs including a Poodle, Spanish Mastiff and a Yorkie. I enjoy collaborating on creative projects. I'm an avid reader with eclectic tastes; drawn to psychology, economics, and culture. Keeping up with social media trends, tech advancements, and AI research fuels my professional growth. I love making music and videos, with over 20 songs published on Spotify and iTunes.

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